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On-Demand Learning Tracks to Help Win Every Client

Getting Started with Mortgage Coach

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Learning Track | Level 2: Intermediate

Learn how to build fee and product templates and how to use TCA enhancements, such as video and highlighting features.

    Topic 1: How to Build Fee Templates for Closing Costs

    How to Read a TCA Manual

    Discover how to use fee templates to begin applying fees to your Total Cost Analysis presentations. Here you will learn how to set itemized fees in a template and repurpose the template without having to recreate a fee list for every presentation.

      Topic 2: How to Build Product Templates for Product & Monthly Costs

      Once you have mastered how to build fee templates, you can now learn how to use product templates that include default fee templates, product details and monthly costs. Similar to fee templates, you can repurpose product templates, saving you time in building your TCA presentations.

        Quick Guide

          Topic 3: How to Highlight a TCA Using Mortgage Coach Live

          Learn how to enhance your TCA presentation by using the Mortgage Coach Live feature. These enhancements include highlighting sections, columns and rows in real-time within your TCA presentation, which will help capture your client’s attention to the details you’d like to emphasize.

            How to Create a Refinance TCA

            Once you have mastered how to read and fully customize a total cost analysis, you can now learn how to create a Cost Analysis for refinances. This Total Cost Analysis will help all rate and term finances feel seamless as you show clients how paying off their mortgage years earlier will help save money spent on interest over time.

            Quick Guide

              How to Distribute Your TCA Presentation

              Once you’ve established how to create a Total Cost Analysis presentation, you are now ready to generate and share the presentation link with your clients. Once distributed, you will be notified via email anytime the client views the presentation.

                    Topic 4: How to Add Live Video to a TCA

                    Learn how to enhance your TCA presentation by using the Mortgage Coach video feature to fully engage with your clients. The video can be recorded from a mobile device or inside a browser.

                      How to Use Mortgage Coach Live

                      Highlight sections, columns, and rows in the TCA and the client will see the changes in real-time. Draw their attention to the exact items you are describing.

                          How to Add Video to you TCA

                          Video is no longer optional. Engage with your clients using a quick video inside the TCA. Record from your mobile device or inside the browser.


                          Strategies to Become a Mortgage Coach Blue Belt

                          Add video and audio & apply financial strategies.

                            Use Strategy Templates to Generate TCAs in Less Than 5 Minutes

                            Strategy Templates are prebuilt TCAs based on a specific strategies. For example, FHA vs Conv, MI Options, Etc. Personalize and create Strategy Templates to include product and fee templates to generate TCAs in less than 5 minutes.

                              Redirect Your Clients to Your Application Website

                              A Start Now button allows you to capture a lead from the TCA and turn them into a client by re-directing them to an apply now website or to your mini-application website.

                                  Use Reinvestment Strategies with Your Total Cost Analysis

                                  Re-assign monthly savings to principal reduction payments, a current savings account and/or a new investment vehicle. Pay off the mortgage sooner or increase your net worth over time.

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