The Secret to Generating New Realtor Listings and New Loans from Previous Buyers

Christine Press Release

San Diego-area loan officer Danny Horanyi—whose office closed 875 loans last year for about $381 million—has a consistent, reliable strategy for helping Realtors get new listings and generating new loans from previous home buyers.

The secret to his process is twofold: First, building trusted partnerships with Realtors, then getting a Total Cost Analysis in front of their best leads. This year, Danny’s goal is to close 1,200 loans for about $565 million. That’s phenomenal growth!

How can you hone your script with Realtors and achieve the kind of growth Danny knows his team can?

Watch this video and Danny will uncover the steps he takes to get his clients to move up to a new home, make a real estate investment, or both!

View the “Move Up Analysis” Total Cost Analysis Here
TIPS: 9 Steps to Having a “Move Up Analysis” Conversation with a Realtor’s Customer
  1. Develop a process where you regularly connect with your top Realtors (quarterly, monthly, etc.) to pitch the idea of jointly reaching out to customers with a TCA review.
  2. Before attempting any sales pitch, let the Realtor know you understand there is a concern about making a bad LO referral. Make it clear that you will make him or her look like a trusted professional, and a big part of how you’re going to do it is with the TCA.
  3. Mutually decide how far back you want to go (i.e. 5 years, 6 years).
  4. Select a group of the Realtor’s top customers (Danny starts with between 15 and 25) whom you both agree are most likely ready to move.
  5. Work up a Total Cost Analysis for everyone in that group.
  6. Get together with the Realtor and make a customized video for each past client
  7. Demo the Total Cost Analysis for the Realtor from the customer’s point of view so they fully understand the value to their customer.
  8. Send out a personal email signed by both of you with a link to the presentation
  9. Reach out to each customer and start closing deals.