LOVE using the Mortgage Coach and OB integration


I really LOVE using the Mortgage Coach and OB integration so much, I felt like I wanted to send the feedback ANYWAY!

Seriously, this integration saves me a TON of time setting up the client in order to do a quick TCA. I love that I can pick more than one program, it pulls it over into Mortgage Coach Edge and then all I have to do is go in to adjust the closing costs, and it’s done. A video is added and I can send it out. I haven’t been very quick at doing these, but now that I have made the commitment to getting the TCA in the hands of EVERY single client/prospect I work with, I am seeing it become quicker and quicker.

Thank you so much for making improvements to the product and making it easier and easier to use regularly! I am in Mortgage Coach every single day and I cannot wait until I can edit the TCA on my mobile device on the fly. Such great stuff. Seriously.