Letter of recommendation to help close the big deal


I have been using Mortgage Coach and their loan analysis software for over 10 years. Dave Savage is an innovator and leader in the Mortgage Industry and one of the most respected. He is viewed by the industry as having one of the most innovative and successful mortgage software programs available for loan originators.

The Mortgage Coach Edge is a program that loan officers can utilize to give their clients a comparison of many loan options including Cost Analysis, Rent Vs Own and Reinvestment options. I have wowed hundreds of clients over the years with their mobile app and on line analysis. The software even offers co-branding and live interaction on revising the analysis while you are on the phone speaking with the customer.

Video is one of the most popular modes of communication in today’s market. I send about 1000 videos every month including video with all my Edge reports. I use the video component of the software on 100% of my client analysis at which time I am able to honor the referring agent. My agents love it! Honoring the Real Estate Agent is my No 1 priority when working with a client. There is no better way of doing this, than providing a customer with an analysis talking about their agent and how fortunate they are to be working with that agent. Again, honoring the referral partner.
Mortgage coach rent vs own is one of my favorite applications, and has solidified my relationships with my borrowers and their confidence in working with me as a trusted and knowledgeable loan consultant.

In today’s market and a time when our audience is focused on the millennial borrower, and technology is critical in providing clear, concise information, the Mortgage Coach is a sales tool I cannot do without. It is very easy to use and easy to navigate through. The support team is excellent as well.

I recall sitting with a young 30 something borrower and he was so impressed with the Edge program, he wanted to go home and recreate his own template so he could have his own application to work with. Crazy it seems, but said he was so fascinated that he had to have his own personal program. Obviously taking it a bit too far.

Because Mortgage coach edge tracks the views, I am always notified when a borrower views the analysis and how many times they have viewed, which allows me to pick up the phone and see if I can be of further assistance to the buyer and answer their questions.

When I am presenting to a real estate office or a new agent, I prepare an analysis in advance and have my assistant email the analysis to the agents while I am presenting. This way, when I am making my presentation they are receiving the analysis and view as I am presenting and I can walk them through the Edge analysis another tool that sets me apart from my competition.

I have been a huge supporter and friend of Dave Savage for many years and strongly support Caliber engaging in this tremendous tool to assist our loan officers in gaining market share and assisting them in educating their buyers. The training and sales and marketing tips and training are second to none in the industry.