Standardize your lending approach to grow your business.

How do you elevate the loan presentation and consultation skills of every mortgage professional in your organization? By implementing our Total Cost Analysis (TCA) solution enterprise-wide, you ensure every borrower who walks through your doors is provided the same outstanding educational lending experience that leads to repeat business and referrals.

A consultative, branded experience increases production.

The mortgage process is complex and confusing to today’s borrowers. Lenders that deliver a TCA give borrowers unprecedented clarity into their loan options and financial situation so they can make the right mortgage decision confidently. It leads to faster pipeline conversion, increased production and more referrals. And by assuring borrowers they’ll always receive a consistent mortgage-lending experience at your institution, you reduce fallout when a lending professional leaves.

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Minimize compliance risk with uniform data and audit trails.

With Mortgage Coach, all lenders across your organization use the same data to give customers what they need and regulators what they want. The TCA approach standardizes your quoting and loan estimate process to help support a consistent and compliant process. It also simplifies the process, enabling loan originators to work more efficiently and ultimately close more loans. And whenever a TCA is created, adjusted or updated, an audit trail remains to show its evolution over time.

The automated system ensures consistent quality service and reduces disparate impact in rate quotes during the customer experience.

Audit Trail
Documents all iterations of each Total Cost Analysis while also notating the date and time of each presentation view.

Enables buyers to compare loan options easily and reduces risk of product steering.

Communication & Accuracy
Provides the necessary precise calculations and clear terms to ensure compliant communication with buyers and realtors from the pre-approval process to closing.

Training & Implementation
Ongoing training and access to ongoing resources supports a user’s understanding of how to use the Mortgage Coach solution.

Fast implementation into any lender system.

Our system is interoperable, designed to fit any integration requirement and evolve as your business needs grow. With standard and custom integrations, Mortgage Coach works seamlessly within your existing technology stack. Leverage our intuitive Advice Engine platform to ensure every lender is able to use the TCA effectively and to its full potential.

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Look to us for comprehensive training options and support.

By offering virtual on-demand training, sharing top producer strategies, and responding to client needs quickly, we guide lending professionals through every step—ensuring you make the most of your investment in Mortgage Coach.

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