Scriptapalooza 2019


Jeremy Forcier

$100M+ for 5 past years MC commercial 2,986 TCA’s

Jenny Stoner

96 loans / 150 goal - 873 TCA’s

Shannon O'Hare

132 loans $41M 199 TCA’s

Dan Keller

207 loans for $84M - 1,911 TCA’s

John Downs

$85M with WBN commercial 441 TCA’s

Lori Richardson

133 loans at $48M - 1,308 TCA’s

Josh Mettle

200 loans + team 988 loans $333M / goal 1,255 in 2019 - 2,223 TCA’s

Katie Pastor

133 loans for $41M - 254 TCA’s

Keith Collins

150 loans/ $50M + $300M region - 117 TCA’s

Michele Town

$110M - 735 TCA’s


Nicole Solari (1)

333 slides and over $150M

Nicole Solari

333 slides and over $150M

  • Shannon O'Hare

    “For Annual Reviews, the question out of the gate is simply, "Hey, I'm checking in. It's been awhile. How are you? What's going on in your life?" ... And being able to really actively listen in those conversations to dig out the opportunity and then follow up, that's the biggest piece..”

  • Lori Richardson

    “We take the time to understand our clients. What is their vision? Where are they going? What's important to them? First we listen and then we guide them... If I'm doing my job correctly, my job really begins when we close our first loan. And from there it's my job to help them manage one of the biggest debts in their lives... We use a mortgage planning questionnaire at the very beginning to kind of get a sense of what their financial goals are in additions to the loan. .. And then making those recommendations to create clarity and peace of mind and really make solid financial decisions today but also into the future.”
  • John Down

    “You know, the thing about mortgage lending is that my eight and 10 year olds can do it because it's simple math. It's super easy. It's your income, your debts, your credit score. There's all this technology that makes it so easy. I choose not to spend a tremendous amount of time with data input. On this call, I want to learn all about you, find out what you're doing, find out what your goals are, so I know what to present to you. Then I definitely want to talk to you about the current state of the market because I think that is really important.”
  • Michele Town

    “Listen, we're not your typical mortgage lender. We’re going to be working with you long term. Our goal is to make you our client for life and we're going to hopefully work with your families. But for me to do that, I need to ask you a couple of questions and it's going to be a little bit personal. I need to know what your financial goals are. How long do you think you're going to be in this house?”
  • Dan Keller

    “I've created a mortgage concierge page for you. I'm going to email it to you. I've broken it down into two simple steps. You're going to complete step one, which is my client intake form. Step two is my concierge page. Then I'm going to follow up with you.”