22 Simple Daily Rituals for Success to Start Using Today

Christine Press Release

Here are the things successful executives point to for their success.

By Christina DesMarais | Contributor, Inc.com

The highest achieving people don't get ahead in business and life behaving like the people around them. Study the daily habits of the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest people you know and often you'll find they're really good at one little thing: Consistency. Whether it's in thought, word, or deed, people who rise to the top tend to practice the right things day after day. Here are the simple rituals nearly two dozen successful executives point to for their success.

22. Reject the illusion of multitasking.

"Be present for everyone. When they are in front of you, be present. On a GoToMeeting, be present. On the phone, be present. If you cannot be 100 percent focused on the people addressing you, then whatever they are sharing is not important enough for your attention in that moment. Each item you attempt to do drastically lowers your retention of the information being shared, rendering the time useless, wasting your time, and undervaluing your teammate, client, prospect, vendor, friend, family, children, [or whoever] is speaking to you."

--Joe Puthur, president of Mortgage Coach, a real estate app that helps people make confident mortgage decisions

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