Help buyers find the right home—and the right loan.

You spend time getting to know your homebuyers—their style, location desires, budget constraints and more. But what if you could help them find the perfect loan as well? What if you could show them how to get into the home of their dreams by working with a lender who provides more than rates, but real financial advice?

Work with lenders who provide a Total Cost Analysis (TCA).

Research shows most homebuyers think a low rate is the most important component of their mortgage, so they often constrain your ability to provide options by not having the right type of loan. Aligning with lenders who provide mortgage strategies based on an understanding of your buyer’s complete financial picture is key. They can show your buyers mortgage solutions that account for their short- and long-term goals, current debt and type of debt. They help your buyers understand the right loan for the homes you present. You build relationships, they truly understand what they are committing to and the whole process goes faster.

Get new listing opportunities.

What if a lender brought you new buyers who wouldn’t have considered selling or buying otherwise? During refi conversations, lenders and agents work together to get a TCA in front of their best leads, prove the value of selling their home if the market is right and show the benefits of upsizing or downsizing. It’s a proactive way to work that builds trust, referrals and repeat business.

Shorten the sales process.

The Total Cost Analysis platform eliminates back and forth emails between all parties, shortening the sales process and improving pipeline conversion. That’s because a TCA guides and educates through financial models, rather than pushing and selling. With a TCA, homebuyers assemble their best mortgage options for their current and future goals and select the optimal solution.