Total Cost Analysis shown on laptop screen

Present Loan Option Strategies with a Total Cost Analysis (TCA)

Provide clarity and transparency into different loan options, helping borrowers understand how these options affect their financial position over time.

Numbers don’t talk.
But a picture says a thousand words.

Standard fee worksheets confuse and intimidate homebuyers. They slow the conversion process and diminish trust. With a Total Cost Analysis, lending pros present product comparisons and pricing with simple charts and graphs, giving homebuyers true clarity into the mortgage options that best help build wealth faster over the long-term.

By providing guidance, modeling specific loan scenarios and demonstrating long-term financial outcomes, borrowers better understand how a mortgage affects their personal financial situation. That’s key to a confident selection and a decision on the right loan—faster.

Total Cost Analysis (TCA)

Price is what borrowers expect. Advice is what they really want.

Turning the conversation from price to advice builds trust with borrowers and gives them the clarity and guidance needed to close with confidence.

  • Reduce rate shopping
  • Eliminate unnecessary discounts
  • Improve pipeline conversion
  • Increase production
  • Provide an unrivaled experience
  • Build referrals
  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Increase speed to funding
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Retain more customers

The modern, digital mortgage experience.

We reimagined how rates, quotes and advice are delivered to make every step more valuable to homebuyers. Today’s borrowers demand transparency and guidance from their lending and real estate professionals to make the right mortgage decision. A Total Cost Analysis improves conversion, helps you stay competitive and drives success in every market condition.

Top 3 areas that have the most positive impact on customer experience

Digital app experience


Financial education

Generate more referrals and earn repeat business.

The customer journey begins the moment a homebuyer considers a home search. And it doesn’t end post-close nor after the life of the loan. It’s an infinite loop, repeating when they consider refinancing or selling, cashing out or purchasing again.

Mortgage Coach helps deepen customer relationships at every stage by meeting your borrowers at the right place at the right time—every time. Never miss an opportunity by enabling consumers to access a TCA on their own time when considering mortgages or refinancing. With a TCA, you can provide personalized loan updates and options as products and interest rates change throughout the life of the loan, anytime, anywhere.

See the value of the TCA at every homebuying step

Variety of borrowers and mortgage professionals

“My mission is to deliver an honest, well-communicated, knowledge-based lending experience. If you want a client for life, you need to deliver a Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis for life.”

Kelly Zitlow

Build TCAs in Advice Engine.
Tips and training on an easy-to-use, built-in platform.

Our Total Cost Analysis SaaS platform—Advice Engine—helps you select loan options that are best to present to your borrower. We can also integrate with your existing technology platform seamlessly, so your current workflow isn’t disrupted. Regardless of which platform you work in, we provide comprehensive training and guidance along the way to ensure every lender is set up for success.

  • Step-by-step tools and tips guide you through how to create TCA presentations
  • Customized learning assets include videos, quizzes, and written instructions
  • Gamification and friendly competition drive adoption and usage across your enterprise
  • Streamline data entry processes with partner integrations
  • Present a TCA anytime, anywhere, on any device—whether virtual or in-person

Creating a TCA—Robust conversion tools drive ROI.

1. Build your brand—add your logo, picture and name to build recognition

2. Live highlighting—clearly walk clients through loan options and key findings

3. Add video narration—talk clients through key findings with a personal approach

4. Get notifications—stay responsive with real-time updates

5. Easy-to-read charts—increase borrower understanding for improved conversion

6. Share reports—share presentations via email or text with the click of a button

7. Track TCA views—accurately gauge interest and identify opportunities

8. RateWatch integration—receive and deliver real-time market updates anywhere

Get Started

We’ll coach and guide you on how to use a TCA effectively each time.

Advice Engine Training
On-demand Training Videos

Send custom TCAs for refinancing or a move-up/move-down analysis.

A Mortgage Coach TCA makes every refi faster and easier. By presenting different refi options alongside sell+buy house examples and other unique loan options, you ensure all possible solutions are presented and the best decision is made. By knowing who viewed the TCA, you can always connect with the right people at the right time.

Couple standing outside new house

Use your mortgage to build long-term financial wealth.

Buying a home is a big decision—the biggest most people make in a lifetime. Being informed and understanding your unique financial situation is critical. Choosing a mortgage requires taking a holistic look at life events—where you were, where you are, and your future goals. It requires analyzing how different mortgage options can affect paying off car loans, student loans, high-interest credit card debt and more. It’s evaluating long-term benefits and understanding the results of each option.

When you work with a lender who uses a Total Cost Analysis, you’ll be able to compare specific loan scenarios of the overall cost of the loan and see unique strategies you wouldn’t have been able to consider otherwise—all in an easy-to-understand visual presentation.

What you should know when choosing a mortgage

Strengthen your referral business.

Imagine being able to bring real estate agents new clients who wouldn’t have considered selling or buying otherwise. During refi conversations, lenders and real estate agents can work together to get a TCA in front of their best leads, proving the value of selling their home if the market is right, and showing the opportunity to upsize or downsize.

Shorten the sales process.

Real estate professionals can build referrals by working with lenders that give their borrowers a better homebuying experience. The Total Cost Analysis platform eliminates back and forth emails between all parties, shortening the sales process and improving pipeline conversion.