Partner integrations that make your technology investments deliver more.

Mortgage Coach has integrated with today’s top mortgage technology innovators to help you eliminate redundant processes, increase operational efficiencies and convert borrowers faster.

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Gain brand reputation and accurate, trusted loan advice in one with the Mortgage Coach and integration. The integration gives you a lending professional’s most recent positive homebuyer review within every Total Cost Analysis and provides a single click to link to more reviews, without ever leaving the TCA. You can leverage reputation management and borrower commitment with the TCA to convert borrowers faster and easier.
SureFire by Top of Mind
Work smarter, maximize efficiency and convert more borrowers with the Mortgage Coach and Top of Mind Surefire integration. This integration allows you to create a Total Cost Analysis and share it with borrowers looking for home loan financing from within the contact record in the marketing automation platform. With a single sign-on, you can streamline work and share expert advice as borrowers look for the best loan option to fit their financial needs and goals.
Uncover additional production and referral opportunities, manage long-term relationships and reduce manual intervention with the Mortgage Coach and Total Expert integration. This integration allows you to receive an automated marketing campaign that sends Annual Mortgage Reviews to past clients along with a custom Total Cost Analysis presentation, anytime, anywhere.
Manage customer relations, workflow, referral tracking and marketing outreach campaigns seamlessly with the Mortgage Coach and Jungo integtation. This integration supports your production growth, improves your long-term customer relationship management and increases performance.
Close more loans with less effort by automating the process of staying in touch with prospects, current clients and past clients with the Mortgage Coach and Usherpa integration. This integration offers you a streamlined workflow to automate the creation of a Total Cost Analysis within the Usherpa user interface. In just a few easy steps, the borrower’s information is automatically sent to Mortgage Coach and a Total Cost Analysis is ready for viewing and sharing.
Cimarron Software
Save time, effort and energy through elimination of redundant data entry with the Mortgage Coach and Cimmaron integration. This integration offers manual and automated options for the creation of a Total Cost Analysis at any stage of the loan process—at point of sale for new loans or annual mortgage review for post-closing analysis. You will also reduce loan acquisition costs by leveraging past customer data.
Increase borrower referrals by enabling homeowners to compare refinance and home equity scenarios directly from the HomeBinder home management portal with the HomeBinder and Mortgage Coach integration. Proactively engaging homeowners by uploading a Total Cost Analysis into the client’s HomeBinder allows them to see the benefit of a future transaction or reinvestment and results in increased conversion and borrower referrals for mortgage lenders.
Boost your pipeline with past client opportunities with the Mortgage Coach and Homebot integration. Through this integration, you can automatically create a Total Cost Analysis specific to the borrower’s current loan, tappable equity and other loan strategies for wealth building. The loan originator can then continue to personalize a loan strategy and narrate the TCA details to engage the borrower, which leads to new opportunities and more leads.
Save time, close more loans and boost customer satisfaction with the Mortgage Coach and Unify integration. This integration allows you to build multiple loan scenarios for home purchases or refinances, where you can use the integration entirely from the Unify interface without ever having to log into Mortgage Coach.
Reduce data entry and track presentation history with the Mortgage Coach and BNTouch integration. This integration enables you to send borrower and loan information through the Mortgage Coach interface to start a client record. After you create your Total Cost Analysis, it is logged in BNTouch, where you can then add video or email directly - a seamless experience that will save you time.
Build strong relationships, close more loans and lower marketing costs with the Mortgage Coach and Velma integration. This seamless integration allows you to easily select a borrower from within the Velma interface and start a new proposed or closed loan Total Cost Analysis. Maximize your daily productivity and save time through this one-click integrated automation.

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