Mortgage Coach launches the Advice Engine making it faster and easier to create a Total Cost Analysis.

Christine Press Release

Mortgage Coach introduces the next generation platform to create borrower loan advice faster and smarter. It delivers visual loan comparisons in seconds, includes pre-configured strategy templates and supports 20 available integration partners.

Mortgage Coach, digital innovator in mortgage lending, announced today the successful launch of their next-generation borrower conversion platform – the Mortgage Coach Advice Engine. The new experience significantly improves lender productivity by presenting loan options and advice with a proven Total Cost Analysis (TCA) presentation 50% faster.

“Our goal with the new Advice Engine is to create more closed loans for every Mortgage Coach member. Accurate, detailed, and visual loan comparisons can now be delivered in seconds with new pre-configured strategy templates and over 20 available integration partners. The Advice Engine applies instant best practices to any origination workflow, allowing sales conversations to focus on the financial insights needed to earn commitments from every opportunity faster,” stated Joe Puthur, President of Mortgage Coach.

The Mortgage Coach Advice Engine incorporates suggestions from thousands of members including the addition of hundreds of in-product learning lessons, dedicated loan officer assistant logins, one-click access to real-time market insights, and seamless data integrations.

“Today’s mortgage landscape is more competitive than ever. There are non-traditional digital technology providers who have entered the market, requiring all professionals to rapidly improve speed and accuracy when responding to every home loan financing opportunity. With the new Mortgage Coach Advice Engine, local, referral-based loan originators are equipped to provide borrowers with superior advice exceeding demands and expectations,” said Dave Savage, CEO of Mortgage Coach.

Mortgage Coach Enterprise Lenders now have access to the Mortgage Coach Advice Engine. Visit Mortgage Coach at to learn how this new innovation enables lenders to present loan options differently and grow profitably.

About Mortgage Coach Mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers rely on Mortgage Coach to turn borrower education into a competitive advantage. The Mortgage Coach advice platform helps mortgage professionals provide clearly illustrated mortgage options with detailed financials, charts, video narration, and live updates on any device, ensuring an informed home loan choice. Learn more about how to add the power of Mortgage Coach to your lending platform by visiting or contacting