Loan Officer Testimonials

Read these real testimonials from experts in the industry!

scott cummings
Fairway Independent

“I have used Mortgage Coach since 1998.  I believe Mortgage Coach has added well over 1,000 closed loans to my personal production.  In addition, the Mortgage Coach app provides a very powerful tool for my high trust interviews with real estate and business professionals.  Mortgage Coach Rocks!”

Wally Elibiary
Fairway Independent Mortgage

“Buyers love how confident they walk away afterward reviewing an Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis. Realtors rave about the cross-selling and personal touch in the Mortgage Coach video, and BEST of all is we have almost
DOUBLED our conversion rate!”

jason knobbe

“Mortgage Coach easily displays options based upon what the client is wanting to accomplish short term and long. The analysis naturally takes the conversation to what is best for the client from an interest and payment perspective and less on rates.”

ryan hills
Eagle Home Mortgage

“Mortgage Coach leverages todays mediums; Video, mobile, social media and live presentations! MC gives me the upper hand over my competition. Realtor partners are always looking for something to set themselves apart as well. I can share MC with them to set us BOTH apart!”

marty preston
benchmark mortgage

“Mortgage Coach enables me to SHOW my clients that I am a professional advisor and not a mortgage salesman.”

jason marschall

“We use Mortgage Coach with every client presentation. Mortgage Coach provides a simplified view of complex mortgage options. It allows us to focus more on educating our clients and providing expert advice.”

Ryan kiefer

“Mortgage Coach is a great program I've used for years. It helps me easily get an extra deal or two a month that I otherwise wouldn't get just by using this software.”

Jay Crowell
cornerstone home lending

“Mortgage Coach provides a very efficient platform to advise and consult my clients' as a planner and not as loan officer. It is a tool that establishes professionalism, credibility and expertise.”

kelly zitlow
Cornerstone Home Lending

“My mission is to deliver an honest, well communicated, knowledge based lending experience. If you want a client for life you need to deliver a Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis for life.”

sam hansen

“Mortgage Coach takes our ability to provide expert advice to our clients to a level that would otherwise be impossible. It provides our team with a platform to generate instant credibility, leverage our time through technology, and build lasting trust with our clients.”

Dietrich Miklautsch
RPM Mortgage

“Integrating Mortgage Coach into my process has been a game changer. It has given me the tools to present a consultative plan that clients find unique, valuable, and clear. The software has also dramatically increased my ability to add value to CPA’s and Financial Advisors. The planning approach mirrors what they do in their businesses and enables open communication on suitable solutions.”

jen du Plessis
apex home loans

“When getting help with a mortgage, you should always look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not a loan officer.”

Kerry day
cornerstone home loans

“Mortgage Coach gives me the ability to serve my clients first and foremost as an advisor rather than a salesman. It helps to de-commoditize the product conversation and allows me to serve my clients by analyzing comprehensive rate and cost options. Every one of our clients receives a Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis and it differentiates us from our competition.”

Denise Donoghue
The Mortgage Nerd

“My #1 goal is to help create a loan strategy that fits their short and long term financial goals. A strategy that widen’ s their equity position year over year and one that offers the most liquidity position for their need. I could not articulate this until using Mortgage Coach. I tried many ways and several spreadsheets… but nothing can do it like Mortgage Coach.”