Lenders One Adds Seven New Preferred Vendors

Christine Press Release

August 3, 2015 – 14:26
By NationalMortgageProfessional.com

Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative, a national alliance of independent mortgage bankers, correspondent lenders and suppliers of mortgage products and services, has announced that seven new preferred vendors have joined the Lenders One platform. Lenders One also unveiled a new corporate brand and tagline, “Where Top Mortgage Bankers Have the Winning Edge,” underscoring its growth and forward momentum built on a foundation of 15 years of industry experience and engagement.

“Lenders One has been helping our members innovate, grow and succeed in both healthy and challenging market conditions, in the face of an evolving competitive landscape and in a constantly changing regulatory environment for 15 years,” said Daniel Goldman, interim chief executive officer of Lenders One. “We've recently added new vendors to our cooperative that will allow our members to improve and expand their capabilities in key areas like sales and marketing, customer service, social media, employee education and more. Together with our new brand positioning, these vendor additions to our platform highlight our focus on helping Lenders One members compete and win in today's marketplace.”

During its 2015 Summer Conference, Lenders One highlighted a number of milestone achievements including:

Lenders One cooperative growth: Now offering 280 members access to 47 mortgage industry Preferred Vendor and Service Providers and more than 30 Preferred Investor partners.

Collective power in action: Lenders One members originated $200 billion in mortgages in 2014, representing 18 percent of the U.S. mortgage market in 2014.

Sharing financial success: Lenders One distributed millions of dollars in dividends to its members in 2014.

Member savings: Lenders One members achieved millions of dollars in savings on loan origination products and services in 2014.

The new preferred vendors on the Lenders One platform include:

iEmergent's Mortgage MarketSmart: Enables members to target sales efforts by leveraging an aggregated view of historical records and public data sources, including census data and building permits, to identify U.S. markets with high concentrations of mortgage origination activity.

Mortgage Coach: Enables members' loan officers to create personalized, dynamic presentations for borrowers that outline loan options in addition to explaining industry terms, documents and processes involved in borrowing.

Richey May: Provides consulting services for members on tax and accounting issues, reporting requirements and regulations.

Smarsh: Allows members to manage their social media outreach and offers monitoring, archiving and auditing services through a social media monitoring tool.

WebMax: Enables members to expand online using a digital marketing toolset through a marketing and software development platform. Members can create a customer-facing portal that provides a digital experience including online mortgage forms and the ability to upload documents so borrowers can monitor the progress of their loans.

XINNIX, The Mortgage Academy: Provides members with online employee education courses that focus on industry best practices such as the use of social media and how to generate referrals.