Thank you for taking time out of your day to get prepared for our upcoming interview. Please take a few moments to watch our preparation video and review the notes below.

Before we begin, kindly fill out the interview registration form. You may begin by clicking the button below.

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Interview Preparation Notes

For a mutually beneficial experience, please consider these points below:

  • Ensure you have Skype loaded in your system and that you've connected with me using that software.
  • Recommended: Leverage an externally connected Webcam with Mic (if possible)
  • Select a quiet, well-lit room.  (ensure light is on your face, not on your back)
  • Shut off your mobile phone and quiet any other external noises
  • Ensure you're using a wired connection or good WiFi connection to your computer
  • Position your Webcam front and center – keep it at eye level.
  • Sit front and center to your camera – don't get too close.
  • When speaking, keep still, look straight into the camera and smile.
  • Reach out to me 15 minutes before the interview to finalize our video and audio testing.
  • Dress to impress!

Reach out!

Should you have any questions, please continue to reach out to me and let's get ready to connect with this vibrant community.