Homebot Now Integrated with Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis for Lenders of All Sizes

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Lenders using both Homebot and Mortgage Coach can now integrate these solutions to streamline their refinance strategy.

DENVER, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Homebot, provider of the award-winning client-for-life portal that empowers consumers to build wealth through homeownership, has now completed an integration with Mortgage Coach, an enterprise platform designed to improve mortgage borrower understanding of available loan options, helping more borrowers build wealth through homeownership.

The Homebot refinance experience helps homeowners explore various refinance mortgage options. With the integration of the Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis (TCA), loan officers are able to add detailed explanations of each loan option, tailoring the refinance scenarios and uncovering potential purchase opportunities for each homeowner. Together, these solutions offer homeowners a robust refinance experience and facilitate meaningful engagement with their loan officer.  

“We have already provided approximately 200 unique Total Cost Analysis experiences through the integration,” said Gemma Currier, SVP, Retail Sales Operations at Guild Mortgage. “Since our past customers are initiating the experience through Homebot, we've been able to provide valuable advice quickly and collaborate with customers instantly to select the best home loan option for their needs. The TCA and video communication functions have enabled us to provide that personalized experience we strive for with every connection, especially when meeting in person can be challenging in today's market.” 

When lenders activate this new integration, their clients can proactively request a TCA from within Homebot. The loan officer is notified immediately and the TCA is generated instantly, saving them valuable time. With this integration, lenders are able to quickly identify and convert clients that are ready for a transaction. 

“Our team knows that prospects who receive a Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis commit faster,” said Chad Baker, Regional Manager at CrossCountry Mortgage. “Homebot being able to present a complete and dynamic TCA presentation instantly on my behalf, using intelligence the platform already knows about each past client, provides yet another advantage to my client nurture program.” 

“We're thrilled about the value this integration is bringing to our lender customers and to their clients,” said Ernie Graham, CEO of Homebot. “Together, Homebot and Mortgage Coach are helping lenders streamline their refi strategy while providing their clients with the knowledge and resources they need to build wealth through homeownership.” 

The Homebot-Mortgage Coach integration is supported on Mortgage Coach Broker and Enterprise Editions and is available now. 

About Mortgage Coach
The Mortgage Coach suite of enterprise online and mobile applications enhance the conversation between the borrower, mortgage professional, and Realtor, enabling a confident mortgage decision. Thousands of banks and lenders rely on Mortgage Coach to turn borrower education into a competitive advantage. With Mortgage Coach technology, financial and real estate professionals provide clearly illustrated mortgage options with detailed financials, charts, video narration, and live updates on any device, ensuring an informed home loan choice. Learn more about how to add the power of Mortgage Coach to your lending platform by visiting https://mortgagecoach.com or contacting sales@mortgagecoach.com.

About Homebot 
Founded in 2015, Homebot empowers millions of consumers to build wealth through homeownership with an award-winning financial dashboard provided by their loan officer or real estate agent. This personalized dashboard gives homeowners and buyers multiple financial scenarios to build wealth. Lenders and real estate agents leverage Homebot to maximize their repeat and referral business while building client-for-life relationships. With an average 50% monthly engagement rate, Homebot ensures lenders and agents remain the trusted advisor consumers rely on to make informed decisions about the largest asset they may ever own; their home. Homebot is based in Denver, Colorado.

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