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Mortgage Coach has delivered over 400 interviews with the industry’s top leaders, mortgage professionals, inspirational leaders, authors and celebrity speakers on the weekly Tuesday sales and coaching call. Mortgage Coach members are invited to learn and become inspired by the nations best professionals every week.

“I would have asked my loan officer, ‘Do you use Mortgage Coach?,’ and if he said ‘no' that may have been a deal breaker, because it's an indication that you were not thinking beyond yourself.”

TED Talk, Start With Why


“Mortgage Coach provides a very efficient platform to advise and consult my clients as a planner and not as a loan officer. It is a tool that establishes professionalism, credibility, and expertise.”

Cornerstone Home Lending


“When getting help with money, whether it's insurance, real estate or investments, you should always look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman.”

The Dave Ramsey Show

“The 5 year loan comparison is the most useful while TIP is least useful.”

Former CFPB Senior Counsel who led TRID


“Mortgage Coach is powerful when talking with a client. It is extremely helpful in giving specific examples with visual aides that allow the client to see their overall cost of the loan, while shifting the focus away from just the rate.”

Club KeyNote

“The TCA is not a team suggestion. It’s a team standard. It’s part of our model and 100% of every borrower I get the conditional approval with our team gets a Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis. Absolutely everyone.

Fairway Independent Mortgage


“Own your story, know your why, and now, you can implement your what.”

Fairway Independent Mortgage

“My mission is to deliver an honest, well-communicated, knowledge-based lending experience. If you want a client for life, you need to deliver a Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis for life.”

Cornerstone Home Lending


“As a result, loan officers will be required to look more like ‘trusted advisors' not rate quoters, and our folks couldn't do it without Mortgage Coach.”

President of Finance of America Mortgage

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