The platform that makes your lending team more profitable—enterprise-wide.

Equip all lending professionals across your organization with the technology they need to compete better and turn more leads into loans faster. With the Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis (TCA), shift borrowers’ focus from interest rate or price by providing an educational loan option presentation that builds trust. We help you transform the quoting and loan estimating process into a valuable, customer-first experience that increases referrals and customer retention.

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Close faster and reduce price exceptions.

Today’s borrowers are confused by complex standard fee worksheets. Mortgage Coach gives borrowers the clarity needed to select and commit to the right loan faster by providing easy-to-understand visual presentations of their loan options. You’ll reduce rate shopping, price concessions and preserve margin.

“Loan officers who regularly use Mortgage Coach averaged 8–9 bps less in pricing exceptions. It sounds like a small amount, but on annual volume of $600M–$750M, it equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings for an organization.”

Gain a competitive advantage in any market condition.

The cyclicality and seasonality of the mortgage industry can cause unpredictable pipeline forecasting, production fluctuations, profitability swings and operational rightsizing. With our Total Cost Analysis (TCA) solution, we have helped hundreds of lenders and loan originators reduce the risk and impact of market extremes and economic shifts. By educating borrowers on financial strategies for loan options, you change the conversation from price to advice.

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Minimize compliance risk and streamline workflows.

Now you can ensure consistent loan quoting presentations where all lenders use the same processes and data—and leave an audit trail of how each TCA evolves. Process uniformity not only helps you win more business, but also simplifies and improves the way your lenders work. No more complex emails, confusing voicemails and antiquated non-compliant spreadsheets. In addition, the personalization features of the TCA enable loan originators to present in their unique way, while ensuring the borrowers always receive proper guidance.

Present Total Cost Analysis strategies anytime, anywhere.

  • Rent vs. Buy
  • Move-Up Analysis
  • Cost of Waiting
  • Debt Consolidation
  • LMI
  • Affordable Lending

Drive adoption of your entire mortgage technology stack with seamless partner integrations.

Our TCA solution enhances each existing mortgage automation solution you already employ, helping you provide the ultimate digital mortgage experience. With flexible integration points, you can build the TCA process based on your work process. Eliminate redundant data entry and provide instant mortgage advice with a TCA at point of interest, sale and decision. Lenders can create a TCA with a few simple clicks or enable borrowers to create their own TCA by inputting their own data.

Our interoperable API platform can be shaped into the solution you need, and evolve along the way. Fully embedded with each technology partner, push and pull real-time data, ensuring loan originators and customers have a seamless, consistent experience.

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Product & Fee Templates¹
Strategy Templates¹
Number of Users 10+1
Team Access
Spanish TCA Capability¹Fully ConfigurableLimited Configurability
Compliance Controls
Standard Integrations²Limited
Online & In-Person TrainingOnline only
Custom In-Product Training & Content
Lender Custom Branding
Mortgage Coach API
Mobile Management Dashboard

¹ Individual can be configured per user. Enterprise can be configured at the individual, branch, region and enterprise-wide levels.
² Additional costs may apply for non-standard integrations

Build a TCA in Advice Engine.

An easy-to-use platform with built-in tips and training to drive adoption. Our TCA solution integrates rapidly with any lender system. Work directly in our intuitive Advice Engine platform to create and manage presentations or seamlessly integrate it with your existing platform so your current workflow isn’t disrupted.

Step-By-Step Instructions
We guide you through TCA creation and help you decide which loan options to share with your borrower.

Custom Learning Assets
Videos, quizzes and written instructions guide loan originators.

Black Belt Training
Gamification and friendly competition drives adoption and usage across your enterprise.

Partner Integrations
Streamline the data entry process with seamless integrations.

24/7 Access
Create and present a TCA anytime on any device, anywhere.

Mortgage Coach App

Provide sound advice at any time to reduce rate shopping and increase conversions.

Strategy Templates—Start with top strategy templates provided by our expert team

Training Videos—Watch interviews with top producers and learn success strategies

Tooltips—Hover over fields and get quick tips and explanations

On-the-go Presentations—Create full loan scenarios on your mobile device

Real-time Alerts—Get instant alerts to take action and track views on the app

Graphs & Video—Compare loan options and illustrate costs with visuals and video

Build Your Brand—Add your personal touch with your photo, company logo and contact information

Shareable—Enable clients to share your loan scenarios with family and friends

Mortgage Coach RateWatch App

Real-time market updates in the palm of your hand.

Share market updates—Stay ahead of market changes by tracking real-time MBS movements and share insights via text, email and social media

Get real-time alerts—Never be caught off guard—help families make confident mortgage decisions with up-to-the-minute market insight