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Passion and Innovation

Dave Savage, founder of Mortgage Coach and mobile marketing company SmartReply, is a mobile tech pioneer, a speaker, and an agent of change dedicated to helping loan officers turn the Digital Mortgage Revolution into a competitive advantage. Dave speaks at company sales rallies and industry events such as MBA Tech, Digital Mortgage, Sales Mastery, and the Mastermind Summit.


Dave is a recognized leader in the mortgage industry for his contributions to improve the professionalism and quality of advice that originators provide homeowners. As a mortgage industry leader, Dave has been a speaker at many major industry events.

Keynote Presentations

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#1 Keynotes at Sales Rallies and Industry Events

THE DIGITAL SHIFT: The 3 Keys to Sustainable Prosperity for LOCAL Lenders In this keynote, He uses real-world success based recent interviews. The 3 keys are personal branding, advice and leadership. Dave inspires mortgage professionals on why they need to make the digital transition and he shares key strategies top producers are using in today’s marketplace.
The 5 Skills and Habits Required To Win The Digital Shift Era In this presentation, Dave focuses on the 5 core skills 1) Using CRM customize and personalize multi-channel content and services consistently 2) Turn your advice into a competitive advantage by delivering service like a Total Cost Analysis and Mortgage Review 3) Leverage Social Media to build and manage a personal brand 4) Use Video to connect personally and build a personal brand 5) Leverage a combination of technology and processes to collect, manage and promote 5-star reviews.

#2 Hosting Panels and Facilitating Mastermind Events

Dave has hosted many of the industry’s most prominent panel discussions at MBA Tech, Digital Mortgage, Sales Mastery, Mastermind Summit and countless others. Dave has conducted more than 1,000 interviews with industry leaders, who share their best practices and success strategies.

#3 Participates at Strategic Planning Retreats

Top challenges for C-suite executives is prioritizing technology investments and achieving adoption of their tech stack. Dave facilitates and attends strategic planning retreats to provide an experienced outside perspective to help executives consider all the issues and to helps them develop a digital transition roadmap and game plan that gives them a competitive advantage. Dave also helps companies improve their coaching and training systems and tactics so they can turn training and thought leadership into a competitive advantgage.

A Few Notable Interviews

Simon Sinek : Advice for Mortgage Officers

Jocko Willink : Extreme Ownership

Darren Hardy : The 2018, Bigger, Easier Framework

Steve Brown : The Key to Future Success for Referral-Based-Local Loan Officers


Dave has interviewed more than 1,000 authors, leaders and top producers for the Mortgage Coach Youtube channel. The MC Youtube has been described as Netflix for mortgage professionals. Dave created and manages the Mortgage Coach Productivity Mastermind Group in Facebook to help progressive mortgage professionals learn faster and mastermind with each other.