Here’s How a 5-Minute Freezing Cold Shower Can Help You Succeed

Christine Press Release

Achieving greatness doesn't come by doing things the easy and comfortable way.

By Christina DesMarais | Contributor,

The most successful people don't get to the top by doing things like everyone else. One thing they typically have in common: Consistently doing the right things, day in and out. Here's what more than two dozen high achieving executives say are their secrets to getting ahead in business and life.

23. Maintain an unwavering commitment to your people.

"As the business leader, your peers and direct reports have the most immediate impact on your given goals. Without their focus and support you cannot achieve the more important broad company goals, regardless of what type of business you are managing. Take the time to know the people who work with you. Understand what drives them, why they chose to work for with you, and where they want to be in the years ahead. In every conversation, in any situation, every day, invest the extra minute to care not only about the business, but their part of the business. I am clearly not able to help every situation every time, but by having this metronome-like habit and yielding influence on their behalf I am able to provide consistent and often unseen support, helping everyone working with me meet and exceed their goals."

--Joe Puthur, president of Mortgage Coach, a real estate app that helps people make confident mortgage decisions

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