Refinance Advice to Build Wealth

Christine Blog, Strategies

Show your borrowers how to build wealth by restructuring their current mortgage. Mortgage refinances with trusted advice builds your pipeline. View TCA here:

Rent vs Buy Now vs Wait

Robyn Danpoonsub Blog, Strategies

 A buyer who wants to wait to save for a bigger down payment: First time buyer who thinks Home Values Are Going To Drop Further:

Nikki Groff: Modern Marketing and Team Building

Christine Strategies

June 16, 2015 Nikki Groff provides practical insight into the tools she uses to manage the borrower and realtor experience and maintain compliance with TRID. She uses thorough systems, consistent touch points, and education to ensure success with every loan. …

The “Annual Mortgage Review”

Christine Strategies

Use the “Annual Mortgage Review” to open up a wealth of opportunities by providing this service to your existing clients, family, friends, colleagues and referral partners We here at Mortgage Coach are big fans of the “Annual Mortgage Review”. But …

15 Year Mortgage vs 30 Year Mortgage

Christine Strategies

The Power of 15! How would you like to help your clients achieve financial independence quicker? There’s a reason financial guru, Dave Ramsey, hates 30-year mortgages with a passion! He contends that 30-year mortgages rob Americans of their financial future, …