Mortgage Coach’s RateWatch Delivers Over 25 Million Market Alerts

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Partnering with Optimal Blue will deliver hundreds of millions more in the year ahead

IRVINE, CA – Mobile app innovator Mortgage Coach shared today that its Mortgage Backed Security insight and activity app, RateWatch, has surpassed 25 million alerts and to help ensure millions of people get the advice they deserve, every single professional with access to Optimal Blue services now has access to Mortgage Coach RateWatch.

“Borrowers and Realtors depend on informed mortgage professionals to make the best mortgage investment choice, and RateWatch ensures the most complete set of real-time data is available anywhere, anytime,” shared Dave Savage, CEO of Mortgage Coach. “We’re proud to announce that Mortgage Coach has delivered its 25 millionth RateWatch market alert.”

Delivered as integrated functionality within Optimal Blue’s Enterprise Secondary Marketing Solution, Mortgage Coach’s RateWatch report ensures that every Optimal Blue lender has reliable economic data and key MBS metrics to help their customers make fully informed decisions.

“Mortgage Coach’s unique technology delivers immediately actionable market performance and shareable economic insights on the devices professionals have available at all times,” explained Scott Happ, CEO of Optimal Blue. “With our existing partnership having already helped countless people find affordable homeownership, extending the RateWatch benefit to our community will only increase the value our lenders provide to their customers.”

Hear from two leading lenders who have been using RateWatch:

  • “We believe the most satisfied customers are informed customers who understand the economic factors driving the rates and loan options we recommend,” said Scott Bristol, President of PrimeLending, who has more than 1,300 professionals on his team. “When our loan originators use RateWatch to provide options that include a comprehensive analysis customized for the borrower, it’s a clear competitive advantage.”
  • “By making this actionable insight available to all our professionals using Optimal Blue, all our borrowers immediately benefitted. Fully informed professionals help guide better decisions for every type of client,” added Brad Anderson, Business & Investor Relations Manager at American Mortgage and Equity Consultants.

Mortgage Coach’s mission is to create informed mortgage professionals, who in turn help create informed buyers. “This milestone and partnership is important because professionals need to know how the market works to provide trusted advice to people on such a critical financial decision as a mortgage option,” said Joseph Puthur, President of Mortgage Coach. “Until now, only about one-third of licensed professionals had access to this economic insight. Today, that number increases dramatically,”

The Mortgage Coach RateWatch experience is available to every current subscriber of Mortgage Coach, as well as the tens of thousands of additional professionals who use Optimal Blue technology solutions.

Current Optimal Blue subscribers can click the RateWatch button in the upper right hand corner of the Optimal Blue search screen to request the mobile app. Lender leadership can contact to coordinate adding the power of Mortgage Coach RateWatch for all mortgage professionals in your organization instantly.

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