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Provide advice, not just price, to help borrowers make better decisions faster.

The Mortgage Coach approach turns the conversation from price to sound advice. By presenting personalized loan comparisons and strategies, you reduce rate shopping, build trust and enable borrowers to make better decisions faster. It's how you show borrowers the best way home.

Increase production and client retention with an enterprise wide solution.

Standardize your lending approach to reduce compliance risk, increase production and become an institution recognized for outstanding customer success.

With our Total Cost Analysis (TCA) approach, you enable every loan originator to present products and pricing in a consistent, consultative manner—giving you a competitive advantage in any market condition.

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We combine technology with smart financial strategies to help lenders present beyond rate and price.

Explain how a mortgage can help homebuyers…

  • Get the home they want
  • Resolve debt
  • Build wealth long-term
What's your rate?Well, let's think beyond rate to other key factors.Like what?How long you plan to own, existing debt, financial goals…So a low rate isn't always the best cost option over time?Exactly! Let's look at your situation with a Total Cost Analysis.Borrower chatting with lender on mobile phone

The Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis.

Coach borrowers and guide them through their mortgage options. Standard fee sheets confuse and intimidate borrowers. A Total Cost Analysis (TCA) enables you to present specific home loan strategies with simple charts and graphs. By modeling the optimal financial package in an easy-to-understand manner, you bring confidence and understanding to borrowers’ decisions—leading to faster pipeline conversion and increased production.

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What lenders, agents, and homebuyers are saying...

    “My mission is to use real estate to empower people to build wealth. If the client is not educated, they won't be able to start building wealth using real estate. This starts with Mortgage Coach. The way that you can explain something to someone visually and comprehensively is amazing for them and a huge time saver for me. I am not just delivering you a rate and a product; I am trying to help you understand a strategy.”

    Shivani Peterson

    “I have always said, 'Let me earn it.' I believe people will always do business with those who intentionally bring value and have the mindset of the customer first. Mortgage Coach clearly shows a customer that you are listening and serving their unique needs. Using Mortgage Coach offers the ultimate value, which then earns you the business.”

    Shayla Gifford

    “The Mortgage Coach community is so supportive. I’m learning great strategies and building a stronger business!”

    Denise Donoghue

    “I’ve been a customer of Mortgage Coach since 2009 and it’s been one of the best platforms for my business. The content and value from being able to constantly learn and hear from top producers around the country is priceless, and it has helped me continue to move the needle in my business over the years!”

    Justin Brown

    “My team and I have implemented Mortgage Coach, and it has been a game changer. Using Mortgage Coach has been really helpful because we give them the options. What I am trying to do is say to the client 'Let's look at rate options for you.' Then we show them their loan options in a clear and easy to understand way using charts and graphs. They don't have to shop around. In the past that is not something my team and I started with, and I think I probably lost some business.”

    Gina Myers

    Enhance every part of your mortgage technology ecosystem.

    Mortgage Coach isn’t just another tool to add to your technology stack. It’s a solution that works in tandem with your technology stack to make everything more effective. Our partner integrations enable you to present relevant loan advice and actionable data at every consumer touchpoint.

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