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Quick Reference Guide

Start here for all of the training videos and frequently asked questions about all of our products.  You can click on each of the videos to watch the walkthroughs or use the search magnifying glass at the top right of the screen to search by keyword.
Find all of the assets and resources related to Mortgage Coach web events including recorded interviews, sample reports, downloadable presentations as well as a complete video recording of the webinar.
You can also find a wealth of training videos on the Mortgage Coach YouTube channel:
Stay ahead of rate changes and the competition by tracking hourly and daily MBS movement.
Download RateWatch:  http://mcedge.tv/16d1fp
RateWatch Setup:  http://mcedge.tv/16d1e7
About RateWatch:  http://mcedge.tv/16d1ea
Stay in the know with the latest on Mortgage Coach and our community including info on upcoming events.
Like us at: http://www.facebook.com/mortgagecoach
Our coaching calls are conducted weekly with Dave Savage, CEO of the Mortgage Coach, and an industry guest.  These educational one hour conference calls, allow our members to stay up to date on current industry events and sales strategies that get results.

Hosts: Dave Savage and Special Guest
When: Every Tuesday at 9:00AM Pacific
Register: http://mcedge.tv/16d1e2

The Thursday Training Session is intended as a follow up to the Video Training Series on our website.  Each week we will answer your questions about Mortgage Coach Software and Community.  Please note that technical support questions will not be addressed in these sessions and should be sent to support@mortgagecoach.com.

Host: Jacob Gibbs
When: Every Thursday at 9:00AM Pacific
Register: http://mcedge.tv/16d1e4