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Lenders with the Mortgage Coach and Optimal Blue integration convert loans faster, easier and more accurately. The two-way integration streamlines the process of creating an automated Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis: comparing loan options and their associated rates, fees, closing costs and payments over the life of a loan with real-time, compliant pricing from Optimal Blue.


Bob Brandt - VP of Marketing & Strategic Alliances for Optimal Blue

“Without ever leaving the Mortgage Coach app on their mobile device, Loan Officers can create informative, side-by-side comparisons highlighting multiple loan programs and comprehensive pricing information in just seconds. Combining the sophisticated product and pricing data at the heart of every mortgage transaction with a compelling user experience—and doing so whenever, wherever it matters most—is a game-changer for the industry.”



Access SocialSurvey reviews and ratings from within the Mortgage Coach digital app


View pertinent financial advice and social proof of integrity and quality


Provide one-click access to all past client reviews of the Loan Originator


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